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Welcome to the Waite Genealogy Research Forum. Founded in 1984, WGRF was founded with the goal of collecting, preserving, and publishing genealogical data pertaining to the Waite family; regardless of the geographic location in which they lived. Originally, communication with fellow researchers was facilitated through the publishing of a quarterly newsletter called The Watchman. Today, that idea has grown to encompass all of the advantages offered by the Internet and the resources it allows us to tap. This website is set up to provide information of particular interest to Waite family researchers and genealogical and historical information of interest to genealogists in general.

Research Scope 

At present, our primary objective is to preserve and extend the lines of the four primary immigrant Waite groups who arrived in the colonies during the 17th century. The first three generations of descendants for each of these men are presented here in their entirety (as I have them). Beneath each ancestor, more detailed articles will be included on selected descendants. These articles will be included rather randomly; often being published as the result of a contribution by one of our readers. Just managing the database and this website is extremely time consuming. Please consider contributing a narrative of your family and helping us to preserve the history of our line.

  1. Richard Waite of Watertown, Massachusetts
  2. The Lincolnshire Lines, Richard, Gamaliel, Thomas
  3. John Waite of Malden, Massachusetts
  4. The Southern Waite(s) Families

Research Requests

From its inception, Waite Genealogy Research Forum has always honored research requests and provided information from the database free of charge to all who have asked. I am concerned however, about the proliferation of "bad" gedcom files available on the web...shared in good faith and then poorly merged with other files that more often than not have no relationship to the original line. For this reason, please understand that I will no longer provide gedcom files to the general research community. If you need help, please ask. I'll be happy to send you whatever I find in a Word or Text File document. 

I hope you find the information included in this site to be helpful, hopeful, and inspiring to your genealogical research. If we all work together; we will find our answers. Please contact the webmaster with additions and corrections to the information posted here or with any comments you have on how to improve this site. In order to make your use of this site more productive; I have a couple of hints for you. 

A Caveat

Because information found on this site has been compiled from a variety of sources beginning in 1977, I'd like to offer one caveat regarding its use. In many instances, this research has not been completed by myself and much of it is from secondary sources. I cannot vouch for its veracity. Please use the information you find as a starting point for your own original research. What has been brought together here is meant to be used as a finding aid...as a clue for the next step in your personal research. Please do not accept it as true until you have proven it with primary source documentation.

Narratives, research,  photographs, and artwork published on this site are intended for the use of individual genealogists and remain the property of waitegenealogy.org  or the specified author and as such may not be reproduced in any form without the express prior written consent of the webmaster or author.  In other words please be courteous and give credit where credit is due. The  family photographs published on waitegenealogy.org have been graciously submitted by supporters for the benefit and interest of Waite family researchers.  They remain the property of the submitter and may not be reproduced without their prior written consent.

Did You Know...

...that in order to facilitate the use of this site, the spelling of the Waite surname, has been standardized to Waite? I am aware that many families do not
use this spelling, however, I felt that it was more important for persons visiting the site to find the information on their family than to be faithful to individual spelling preferences. Using only one spelling makes this a much easier task. Please do not be
offended if your particular surname spelling is represented here differently than that which you use.

...that for this reason, whenever you use the search engine on the site you should avoid using the Waite surname completely. Using Waite in the search engine will return every page on the site. Using one of the
variants will likely return no pages at all. Please
use given names and any other information specific
to your ancestor.

The Watchman

From January 1986 through 1989, until the pressures of an infant and a two year old got to be too much, I published a newsletter for Waite researchers called The Watchman.  It was so much fun and I met so many wonderful people!  It was that experience which prompted me to start this website.  The internet is a wonderful and FAST medium for exchanging information.   It's instantly gratifying and sometimes discouraging.

In any event, I decided that I'd reprint some of the articles from these years.  Although some of you are familiar with these issues (thanks for all the nice eMail I've received) I'd still like to preserve the information in this medium.  I'll strive to add a couple of articles each month. You can find the links in the right sidebar.

About The Author

My name is Sue Waite-Langley. I am a family genealogist specializing in the preservation of information pertaining to all branches of the Wait(e) family regardless of the spelling of the name or the geographical location where the family is located.

From an early fascination with my green eyes and who in my family I might have received them from...to the one page - three generation pedigree chart in my baby book; I have always been enthralled with the people who made me...me. When I graduated from college I immediately began to indulge my curiosity by researching my family tree. I had a modest goal (she says with tongue in cheek) to find each of my immigrant ancestors. I had great success with my mother's family. They had the good grace to arrive in Connecticut in the early 17th century and to stay put for nearly 400 years. I had the good fortune to be living in Connecticut at the time and to have access to the records left behind by ten generations of busy and diligent Town Clerks. However, dad's family did not prove to be so cooperative and voilá, here we are today still searching for the elusive Waters Nathan Waite and finding your lines along the way.

...I look into this mirror and see a thousand mirrors behind me: My mother's face, between bright curtains, watches the damp garden. My father sits under a lamp with his eyes closed."

Elmaz Abi-Nader | New Year's Morning | The Poetry of Arab Women

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