I am always happy to publish articles written by visitors to WGRF. There are not enough hours in a day for me to write nearly enough to keep everyone interested in the Waite family happy. Please send articles you have written on your Waite or allied family especially if your line is one which is not generally well known or which was especially difficult for you to trace. You never know who you may help or who may read your article and be able to add to your notice. It's also especially interesting to read about research dead ends and how you were able to solve them.

Aunt Jo


My only stipulation to publishing your research is that you have clearly cited your sources and given credit to those researchers and authors whose works you have used. How To Cite Sources by John Wylie is a particularly good reference on this subject. In particular it is important to understand the difference between a source and a citation. To quote Wylie, "A source is the record, however obscure or informal, from which we get our information. A citation is the link that connects a source to our conclusion."

...I look into this mirror and see a thousand mirrors behind me: My mother's face, between bright curtains, watches the damp garden. My father sits under a lamp with his eyes closed."

Elmaz Abi-Nader | New Year's Morning | The Poetry of Arab Women