Letters From My Friends

Thanks so much for letting me know this site helped you in your research. I always welcome comments. It makes all the work worth the effort. Now, if only I could find my family!

Just want to thank you for being able to visit the Waite family website. Wonderful! Was able to find the info on Asa Baker, daughter of Abel and Anne (Reynolds) Baker and her husband Beriah Waite's children. Bonnie

Dear Sue and all of WGRF,
I am really beaming right now, The data on Peleg Waite and all of his descendant's from myself and other researchers...right there for everyone to see! WOW! I love it! I have tried to be ever so careful as I come upon Waites and the various other surnames connected to the line, to attempt to clarify as I go along and I have been know to bark up the wrong tree a time or two, including a few years ago when I had thought that my Mary Louisa Waite was Mary G. Waite, until a marriage record for her son, Benjamin proved it to be indeed, Mary Louisa. I also hit pay dirt for searching and sending for the DAR application database files, which were a real find and held so many real bits of info about Peleg. Warm regards, Darla

I just found your on-line Descendants of Pvt. Jeduthan Waite...what an amazing lot of work!  If I cannot find what I need to look for from there, I never will!!  You are amazing!  Nadeoui


Anyway, I just now got to your web site and have been reading all the wonderful material you have.  I want to add my Kudos to all the others.  What a wonderful job you have done I just can't believe all the information that you are sharing.  Thank you so very much. Barbara


Your website is fantastic! Took me from the family bible (Caleb Wells) several generations back. From gravestones I found Peleg and Mary Green had children Laura and Mary - Caleb's wife. Loraine

I want to tell you how much I appreciate the  Waite Genealogy Research Forum. You initially steered me in the direction of Carlisle in Vermont, then to Harlan Rees Waite. I have since gotten a couple of books from the NEGHS library loan program and gained much information. As a child, my dad, Carlisle, died when I was 13 and it was hard for my mom to raise us kids. ... I read, read, read. I always wondered about my family, but my dad was gone, and there was no one to ask. ... Finally, my kids are grown, it is time for me to seek my ancestors.  My beginning was small, but it keeps growing. I truly thank you for your help. Once I knew where my Carlilse, b 1825, and Elias were from, the door was wide open. Pauline

I love the Waite site, and found my link, THANKS!!...I am sending a researcher your way, she is a Waite family member. Don't ask me why, but I was trying to help her and realized you were there and she might be better off with you.

 ...Thank you for the help, the link, and the great page. I will vote when done here. Raelyn

Loved your website. I hadn't known before that Thomas had known brothers ... What a surprise to find myself referenced! How along ago were we in contact?   It has to be at least 5 years, doesn't it? Carol

I want to commend you for your excellent research forum and for the assistance you have given me in the search for my great grandfather Carlilse Waite, b 1819 or 1821 in Upper Canada. I called Harlan Rees Waite and I ordered his book. This is the first solid clue I have... Pauline

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