Family Group Sheets

You will find in this section links to individual family groups and lineages. Each file is listed under the master family to which it belongs - or geographically  or under the Unplaced header if the line of descent has not yet been determined. I periodically add to this section...but, the proverbial squeaky wheel always gets the grease, so, if you're looking for information on a particular family, by all means email me and let me know. I'll be happy to publish what I have. Or, you can send us a narrative of your own Waite family for posting here!

Richard Waite of Watertown

The Lincolnshire Lines

Thomas of Portsmouth

Richard and Gamaliel of Boston

John Waite of Malden

The Southern Lines

The Wächt/Wecht Family

of Central Pennsylvania and Evangelisch, Aich, Schwarzwaldkreis, Wuerttemberg, Germany. The Descendants of Jacob Wächt | Wecht has been updated with the latest information. For help and information on this line please contact Bert Waits. Also visit the WGRFblog for many articles on these families.

International Waite Families

Unplaced Waite Families

Allied Families

 ...I look into this mirror and see a thousand mirrors behind me: My mother's face, between bright curtains, watches the damp garden. My father sits under a lamp with his eyes closed."

Elmaz Abi-Nader | New Year's Morning | The Poetry of Arab Women