The AIS Database

Thanks to Gerry Waite for the long hours she's spent compiling, transcribing, and entering 6,000 plus listings of persons surname Waite from the AIS indices. What a wonderful finding aid! The information here appears as it does in the AIS listing except for, in consideration of file size, the omission of the surname. Since this database represents only persons with the Waite surname it seemed a little redundant to include it in any event. Please check all possible variants of the given name you are searching for since no attempt has been made to correct erroneous spelling.  Records have been sorted by given name, state, and county of residence. The first name in each file is reflected in the page title. Please send us your database to include on the site!

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The Census Database

Thanks to Gerry Waite for the long hours she's spent extracting, compiling, transcribing, and entering the census information for all Wait(e)(s) households in the following censuses.

 ...I look into this mirror and see a thousand mirrors behind me: My mother's face, between bright curtains, watches the damp garden. My father sits under a lamp with his eyes closed."

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