Really OLD Queries | Presented as they were originally posted and with no formatting.     

It occurred to me while cutting and pasting these queries that many were submitted by men surnamed Waite. Gentlemen, if you have not yet participated in the Waite DNA Research project...I urge you to do so. The cost is dramatically reduced over what it was just six years ago. If you have still not found your connection an analysis of your genetic signature could provide the breakthrough you need. If you believe you've found the correct line of descent but are lacking proof your DNA signature could provide that. Think of the amount of money you've spent over the years in your research...what if just one DNA test could shortcut many of these expenses? The cost of a DNA test is less than the cost of two nights in a hotel...less than the cost of a plane ticket...less than the cost of a couple of tanks of gas. How much money would you save and isn't knowing your DNA signature the ultimate confirmation of the truth of your findings...or of your questions?

Waites...MD/ Richmond VA 1800's
Monday, 23-Nov-1998 10:54:52

Mary Wait, Hampton, NH 1703
Monday, 23-Nov-1998 10:38:22

Leonard Lee Waite
Friday, 20-Nov-1998 20:44:16

George W. Wait
Wednesday, 18-Nov-1998 23:05:14

Hannah Waite
Monday, 09-Nov-1998 13:27:37

Susan Waite 1795-1848 NY/MI/WI
Tuesday, 03-Nov-1998 21:38:56

Lorraine Waite
Sunday, 01-Nov-1998 15:44:52

Charlie WaitS
Friday, 30-Oct-1998 19:48:36

Pearl Waite
Wednesday, 28-Oct-1998 07:40:38

William Waite
Tuesday, 20-Oct-1998 19:34:03

Jane Waite
Friday, 16-Oct-1998 18:05:02

Wait's in Massachusetts
Monday, 12-Oct-1998 21:05:39

Betsey Waite
Monday, 12-Oct-1998 10:44:02

George R. Waite
Sunday, 11-Oct-1998 20:51:10

Maria Waite
Wednesday, 07-Oct-1998 00:37:54

Southern Waits/Waites
Saturday, 03-Oct-1998 22:54:54

George W. Waite, Bath, Maine 1820s
Tuesday, 29-Sep-1998 18:02:45

Waite Family from Mississippi
Thursday, 04-Mar-1999 21:23:27

George B. Waite
Thursday, 04-Mar-1999 18:18:24

The Waites of Malden MA
Sunday, 21-Feb-1999 14:42:41

Tuesday, 16-Feb-1999 05:24:18

Solomon & Nancy Waite
Friday, 12-Feb-1999 14:42:29

DAVIS H. Waite : a.k.a. BLOODY BRIDLES Waite
Saturday, 30-Jan-1999 04:32:23

Saturday, 30-Jan-1999 04:02:11

Robert J Waite/Guernsey Co. OH
Wednesday, 13-Jan-1999 01:55:32

Thursday, 07-Jan-1999 22:21:32 

Enoch & Briggs Waite
Thursday, 07-Jan-1999 21:37:24

Horace G. Waite
Thursday, 07-Jan-1999 20:56:19

Delia Waite and Lemuel Bourne
Wednesday, 06-Jan-1999 17:18:43

David Waite
Friday, 01-Jan-1999 17:20:59

William Waite
Friday, 01-Jan-1999 13:11:23

Caleb Wait
Thursday, 17-Dec-1998 20:00:35

Sybil Waite
Monday, 14-Dec-1998 20:43:11

Smith L. Waite
Sunday, 13-Dec-1998 18:09:30

Waite, Isaac
Thursday, 10-Dec-1998 12:21:41

Sarah Waite
Sunday, 06-Dec-1998 13:39:12

Isaac Waite of Cockermouth, Cumberland, England
Sunday, 06-Dec-1998 00:03:41 

Theodore Thomas Waite
Wednesday, 02-Dec-1998 21:17:59

Emanual Waite
Wednesday, 02-Dec-1998 21:06:19

Jesse Waite
Monday, 30-Nov-1998 13:40:58

Cynthia Waite
Saturday, 28-Nov-1998 15:50:28

Ellen Waite
Monday, 23-Nov-1998 21:58:26

Elizabeth Waits m. Horatio Palmer c. 1804
Sunday, 15-Aug-1999 19:28:26

Fenn B. Waite
Sunday, 15-Aug-1999 11:26:44

Albert Treat Waite
Friday, 13-Aug-1999 14:01:50

Almira wait(e) Clary,
Wednesday, 11-Aug-1999 13:02:51

James Waite, 1794, Ireland to PA
Monday, 09-Aug-1999 09:54:15

ELLEN H. Wait: Deerfield, Massachusetts
Saturday, 31-Jul-1999 08:24:33

ELLEN H. Wait: Deerfield, Massachusetts
Friday, 30-Jul-1999 00:38:53

Grandfather's People
Sunday, 25-Jul-1999 16:36:34

Frederick Waite
Wednesday, 21-Jul-1999 13:04:22

Family from where prior to Pennsylvania?
Saturday, 10-Jul-1999 20:17:32

Looking for any of these Waite's
Sunday, 27-Jun-1999 17:36:45

Waite from Iowa
Thursday, 24-Jun-1999 13:39:53

William Waite, b 1827
Sunday, 13-Jun-1999 22:46:02

Virgil S(lade) Waite aka "Pete"
Sunday, 06-Jun-1999 21:45:47

Samuel Waite and Mary Ward and ancestors
Monday, 24-May-1999 03:13:32

Lydia Sergeant
Friday, 21-May-1999 03:23:48

Monday, 10-May-1999 20:15:36

Jonathan Wait/Waite
Sunday, 09-May-1999 05:11:53

Waite research
Wednesday, 14-Apr-1999 00:30:42

William Wait b.25Feb1765 S. Hadley, MA
Sunday, 11-Apr-1999 00:23:15 

"Waite Genealogy" author needed
Tuesday, 06-Apr-1999 21:21:43

JONADAB Waite: Newbury, MA
Thursday, 01-Apr-1999 09:43:30

Richard Henry Waite
Monday, 29-Mar-1999 00:03:36

Annettie Waite
Tuesday, 23-Mar-1999 11:41:31

Waite Family of Greene Co. PA?
Thursday, 18-Mar-1999 12:18:39